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Enhance Your Home's Durability and Energy Efficiency with UPVC Windows and Doors

The Right, UPVC Windows and Doors for You!

Creative Solution Co is Supplier of  Best Quality UPVC Windows in Lahore Choosing the right UPVC windows and doors for your home can improve energy efficiency, security, and aesthetic appeal.

UPVC windows and doors gain the attention of the user because UPVC Window offers unique attractive modern designs with some unique properties over competitors, stability, the well-insulating honeycomb structure profile minimizes heat induction & security.

UPVC Windows and Doors, add good amount of aesthetic value to your home in terms of finish and distinctive look among the vicinity buildings

UPVC Material offers good thermal insulation as compared to Aluminum. It joint are welded on the machine on 45 degrees gives extra strength to fame and increase its load-bearing capacity.

High-class EPDM (imported rubber) which is more long-lasting as compared to locally available rubber give good holding strength to Glass and avoid vibration which is eminent in contemporary material.

UPVC Windows and Doors material is highly durable in extreme and climatic conditions weather cold and heat under different coding model uPVC fulfill the modern architecture requirements which demand new concepts in windows and doors design, due to mechanical involvement of new design possibilities are unlimited with UPVC windows and doors in Pakistan.


Sliding Window

Most commonly used style in Pakistan is UPVC sliding window design both panels move horizontally and overlap each other on can enjoy 50% open space of the total capacity two track and three track with such option are available in 80mm, 88mm and 100mm, it has simple locking system as well as multi-lock system also available main benefits of this type of design utilization of space only disadvantage is that it is less sound proof as compare to openable.


Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt & Turn window is very unique in design and functionality, It is much more user friendly then other window, Very high quality of hardware component used to make it operational this window system gives remarkable performance it opens on its two axis and gives two way control for ventilation purpose and inward open as complete open-able window along with that it provides good level of security control even when it is open, it is very ideal for space utilization


Bay Window

A bay window is a glass-sided recess space in the home that protrudes outwards from the home. From the exterior it looks like a decorative expansion growing out of the house. From the interior, however, it’s the equivalent of what a bay is to the ocean: a small inlet that’s slightly separated from main space. Plus, if you need to take a five-minute break from your family, it can be just the sheltered harbor you’re looking for.


Ventilator Window

 In any building proper air exchange is a fundamental prerequisite of occupant comfort in modern residential space. In old days when ventilation system designs were based on the assumption of outdoor air supply through numerous cracks in the window frames,  A window ventilator is a passive device which ensures natural flow of fresh air frames.according to the need of a client we suggest it bathrooms predominantly


Arch Window

It is very popular style in Gothic style architecture In an ‘arch’ or ‘radius’ window, the bottom half of the window is rectangular while the top is an arch or half-circle. arch shaped windows bring a softness to a room and juxtaposes the straight corners of rectangular windows and walls for a contrasting effect. Arch and radius windows can be operable to let in fresh air or fixed to only let in light


Openable Window

Openable windows are the common used design it hover on its hinge axis design liberty allows you to fabricate inward or outward design keeping in view the client requirement and space utilization in this design we have more flexibility of opening cavity up to 100%. It gives you more control over open cavity space utilization, according to Pakistani environment condition to avoid flies and Mosquitos a retraceable such used .


UPVC Doors

UPVC material stood ahead other then any material when it used in Doors, its used is very common in industrial world its acceptability in Pakistani market is very welcoming because it offers energy efficiency and sustainability as compare to contemporary material, Pakistan is some of those country expertise all weather in a years and uPVC is only material offers compatibility in all weather condition. The prominent advantage of using UPVC windows and doors is that it is sound proof, durable and air tight.

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