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Ass energy prices are rising day by day companies striving hard to develop energy efficient products, uPVC material is Energy Efficient material It offer U value as low as 0.6 W/m2K for high performance casement windows and 2.4 W/m2K for normal Sliding. Solar Screen is advance level thermal Insulation film for any glass opening equally effective residential & commercial buildings and even automobiles. Solar Coating provides thermal insulation for roof and Solar Energy System is great solution to produce energy of your own and additional advantage of net-metering.

uPVC is the material of choice for builder & Architect due to quality of the material, stability and durability, design option, complete sealing, it provides good sound proofing and heat proofing, it provides complete resistance to flies and mosquito even lizard, It is suitable for all weather Condition energy efficient and maintenance free good quality of material and hardware

uPVC material is highly durable it have warranty against corrosion, crack or joint opening  hardware have one year of replacement warranty.

No!! The Good Quality uPVC profiles are produced from Tropical Blends which have adequate percentage of TiO2 – Titanium Di-Oxide which imparts white color to the profile along with UV / Heat stabilizers which protects the profile from harmful UV Radiations.

Glass Cavity of window of any building or automobile is great source of heat induction, Solar Screen is transperent thin film which allows the light to pass through but UV and Infrared rays don’t it reflects them upto 75%  and make your building cool and also decrease in utility energy bill

it is a mixture blend of chemicals and its binding material it prepare at the time of application and used within 2-3hrs, it often applies on rooftop which is great source of Sun produced thermal induction it reflects the UV and Infrared rays and you can walk on roof with bare foot in afternoon, home become cooler and it reduces the energy bill

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