Solar Roof Coating

Let It Be Any Roof or Wall... Make it Cool...Save Energy Cost!!

Solar Reflective Roof Coating

As we are living near to the equator and we experience 8-9 month of Summer and in between of that period rather experience extreme summer, as we are living in the age of computer but due to increase in inflation our construction style weigh for strength and cost-effectiveness, in those days our buildings are in environment-friendly rather more emphasis on building elevation and more covered area construction to meet the inhabitants need

We achieve our maximum goal in construction but our houses become hotter due to unfriendly construction material so it gives room to a new idea to keep their homes cool during extreme summer so Kilp is the right answer for this problem.

The roof is the most sun-exposed part of one’s house and most of the heat induct into the house through the roof and home become hotter and one’s have to spend more on cooling cost in this age electricity bills consume a handsome percentage of your income, So Kilp is an answer of that worries in roof coating, It works as thermal Insulator the chemical mixed formula reflect all infrared waves and make your roof so comfortable that you can even walk with barefoot though it remarkably decrease your cooling cost bill,


Expert Review

Mr. Noor u Duha is renowned Architect of Lahore, We do Solar Roof coating at one of his project and afterward we get his review on the product, product features speaks itself.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is always valuable it keeps you on right track and best source of R&D it helps a lot to make improvement or modification because real product is that which deliver what it commits 

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