Solar Energy System

Powering your world with the Sun's energy

Solar Energy System

Become Self-Sufficient for Energy Needs

A Common phenomenon is that Solar energy gets from Sun and that energy turning it into electricity for your home or business.

In this universe sun is a natural nuclear reactor. It generates minute packets of energy called photons, 

which travels in this universe covering 93 million miles in about 8.5 minutes in every single hour it is enough photons impact for our planet to generate enough to meet the global energy needs for an entire year.

Type of Solar Energy System

There are two types of a solar energy system in the market

1-Conventional Solar Power Energy System

In this type of system solar power energy system comprises of solar panel, inverter, and battery bank, it works during daytime and produces photovoltaic energy to meet the needs up till its rated capacity any excess amount of solar energy is preferably stored in the battery bank to use later on in absence of sunlight

2-Reverse Meting Solar power Energy System

It is advance and intelligent system of its class it is called grid-tied PV system, as the sun rises it starts its working and keep generating electricity to meet the demand.

it works flawlessly as its full strength and every single excess unit produced is transferred into the grid, a client has a special two-way meter which records the energy produced and energy consumed client is only required the difference amount,


Net Metering

Reverse/Net metering is a billing method that credits solar energy into the grid system, For example, if a private client has a PV System, it might produce more power than the home uses amid sunlight hours.

If the home is on net-metering, the power meter will run in reverse which gives credit against what power is used around evening time where the house energy r utilization surpasses the system’s produced, clients, are only billed for their “net” energy utility.

  • The following rules explain state and utility net metering procedures

    1.Installation of PV System:
    Before to step in, is to get your vendor Net metering compliant solar system installed. we successfully cater to all three sectors of domestic, commercial and industrial clients.
    2.Application Preparation;
    The second steps begin with the preparation of application as per the guidelines of SRO 892 (1) 2015. This practice is made easier and smooth for our valued clients by supporting them step by step
    3. Inspection & NOC issuance;
    The sanction of the application will lead to the phase of inspection carried out by the Punjab Energy Department. The team will inspect the system as per SRO 892(1)/2015 & SOP from LESCO. After the satisfactory inspection of the system, NOC will be issued to the consumer.
    4. Agreement:
    This agreement is for the period of three years between the Generator (Consumer) and LESCO. This will be a legal agreement that allows you to feed surplus energy to the national grid.
    5. Allotment of Generation License:
    The agreement that is signed between you and LESCO will be submitted to NEPRA for issuance of a Solar power generation License. Once the legal agreement is confirmed by the ruling body, it will allow you to be an independent power producer for coming the next three years.
    6. Activation of Net Meter
    The final step involves LESCO in making you the independent power-generator, after the allotment of the solar power generation license, your net meter will be activated making you able to save & earn simultaneously.  Net Metering benefits its users in terms of economics as well as continuous power supply through a renewable energy resource. It encourages private investors to meet the energy requirement of the country.
  • Benefits avail after being a net meter owner
    Mostly the Solar energy using clients produce more power than they utilize; net metering allows them to the sale that energy to the grid and limits their future electric bills. Net metering gives good financial and economic advantages as far as employment, salary, and endeavor that is concerned.

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